The Department runs the following programs:

Bachelor of Performing Arts in Theatre & Music
This is a four years program to be completed in four academic years with a number of courses on Bengali & English Language, Acting, Direction, Ravindrian Bengali Drama, Greek Drama, Modern European & Oriental Drama, Oriental Aesthetic, History of Oriental, Western & Bengali Drama, Sanskrit Drama, Theatre for Development, Background Music, Stage, Mask, Props, Poster & Brassier, Headgear, Light, Costume Design and Making of Utilization, Film Making, Fieldwork & Annual Production (Theatre group), English Language, History of Bengali Song, Tala Studies, History of Music, Stage Performance, Vocal & Classical Music, Nazrul Songs, Lukosangit (Music group) for each year. Students are awarded the honours degree of Bachelor of Performing Arts on successful completion of the courses through exams held at the end of each academic year.

Master of Performing Arts in Theatre & Music
This is a one-year course spanning just one academic year. Students have the option of choosing from a number of alternative courses/subjects on Acting, Direction (Theatre), Vocal & Classical Music, Nazrul Songs (Music) of Thesis and Non-thesis Group optional subject. Deserving students are allowed to carry out research work and write dissertation in lieu of optional courses under the supervision of a senior faculty member of the department.

M. Phil in Theatre & Music
To carry out research work in a field of Bengali & Stage Drama, History of Direction, Music & Dramatics, Mass Media, TV Production, Set Design, Modern Drama, Classical, Vocal, Nazrul, Rabindra & Instrumental Music or Bengali Literature in pursuit of an M. Phil. degree, a proposal along with recommendation from the supervisor has to be submitted for the approval of the departmental Academic Committee. The researcher is supposed to complete the work within two years under the supervision of the designated supervisor/supervisors.

Ph.D. in Theatre & Music
The procedure for a Ph. D. degree is same as that for M. Phil. with the exception that the researcher will be given a longer time, three years extendable in special circumstances up to six years, to complete the work.